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James & Rebecca Herren,Asa,Mary J,Martha,Nancy - John Herren

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The founder of the Herren family in Greene County was James Herren,

born in South Carolina in 1831. His wife, Rebecca, was born in the same

state in the same year.

The Herrens moved to Alabama and their first five children were born

there: Asa Augustus, 1854; Mary J., 1855; Martha, 1857; Nancy V., 1859;

and Marila, 1861.

The family moved to Tennessee in the 1860's and at least three

children were born there: Dovy S., 1867; William Lewis, 1868; and William

A., 1870.

Asa Augustus Herren married Mary V. Burks, born in Mississippi in

1864, on August 9, 1879 in Greene County. They had at least two children:

Nancy E., 1876; and Martha J., 1879. Mary V. Burks Herren was a younger

sister of Amos Burks. William H. Burks and his wife, Murphy, were close

neighbors of the Herren family in 1880. Both families lived in Poland

Township at this time.

Some of the Herren family are buried at the Pine Knott Cemetery in

western Greene County. Asa A. Herren is buried there and his marker shows

dates of May 20, 1854 and Sept. 21, 1910. Mary Virginia Burks Herren's

stone shows dates of March 15, 1864 and July 27, 1941. The marker for

William A.  Herren shows dates of Jan. 2, 1870 and July 23, 1920. The

marker for Dovey Ann Herren shows dates of June 11, 1872 and Jan. 31,


In 1880 the nearest neighbors of Asa Herren were the families of

William Cone, Taylor Fletcher, Joseph McClure, and Lewis Camp.


Fathers of the Ridge Volume 1 by George W Rowland


Judy Bennett  June 12, 2012

This is my line - Who posted this?  I have Rebecca's maiden name as Higgens - My Great Grandma x 2  was Marilla T. Herren Wilkerson. Daughter of  James and Rebecca Herren. Thanks - Judy Bennett

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