DNA Testing
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 Desire DNA Information - John Hamilton - Feb 18, 2010[Print]  
My wife's uncle, John Herron, appears to be a descendant of Daniel Herren Sr, and Susannah Hunter (KY), Daniel Herren Jr. and Lucinda Welch(IN), Andrew Herron and Sarah Hodson (IA).  He is interested in taking a DNA test that can verify the relationship to Daniel Herren Sr.
Can you give me the necessary information that will enable me to have the proper test arranged for him?  Additionally, we would like to assist any others that might be researching the Iowa branch oif the Herron family.
Thank you.
John Hamilton

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Larry Herrin  May 12, 2010

John Hamilton reports that my (a descendent of Shadrack Herrin) DNA matches on the 12 marker test with his wife's uncle John Herron (a descendent of Daniel Herren). I have connected Daniel as the brother to Shadrack and both as sons of Edward and Maryan Herrin of Wilkes (now Caldwell) CO., NC. Edward died 1813 Spartanburg Dist., SC.
Larry Herrin  April 5, 2010

Use Heron or Herring family
Please pass along the results.

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