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 Daniel Herron Jr's wife Lucinda Welch - John Hamilton - Nov 11, 2013[Print]  
Some time back there was some discussion concening the family name for Daniel Herron Jr's (5 March 1810, Kentucky)  wife.  Her name is listed as Lucinda Welch (4 March 1814, Kentucky).  On one posting Larry Herrin said he thought that the name was listed as Wedge.  I recently came across the death certificate for one of their daughters (Sally Herron Simmons) where the parent is listed as Lucinda Welch.  I can't seem to get a copy to attach to this posting, so if any of you would like a PDF copy send me an email at  I hope this helps some of you in your research.
John Hamilton 

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Larry Herrin  June 19, 2014

Thanks John. I couldn't make out the original marriage records, but it sure looked like Wedge more than Welch. I've changed my records to Welch.

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