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 The Presley-Herren Connection - Billy Presley - Aug 15, 2013[Print]  
I'm the great-great grandson of Lassie Bell Herren of Cookeville, Putnam, Tennessee, who is the daughter of Thomas Logan Herren and Harriet Pamelia Thomas (also of Cookeville, Putnam, Tennessee). Lassie married my great-great grandfather Charlie Presley, but I think there's a Presley-Herren connection that goes back even before that. Charlie's mother was Cordelia "Delie" Presley (she never married -- Presley was her maiden name), daughter of Joshua W. Presley (whose sister was Elvis's great grandmother Rosella Presley) and Martha. Martha's maiden name is unknown, but after talking to another Herren cousin, Freida Belle, I think she could be Martha Herren (daughter of William Herren and Mary Polly Medley). Not only do their birthdays match, it would explain a lot about Delie, like why she looked so Native American (Richard Herren, father of William Herren, married Abigail, a Cherokee Indian) and why she was living with the Medley family in 1900 as a niece after her parents died. The problem is, on the 1880 Census, Martha Presley's father's birthplace is listed as Tennessee, but William Herren was born in North Carolina. It's very possibly a mistake on the census, and a very common one that I see often, but I just want to make sure. So, I was curious if anyone else had any information on the Presley-Herren connection?

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Larry Herrin  June 19, 2014

Richard Herrin lived in North Carolina as late as 1810 per census.
Billy Presley  May 6, 2014

Well, after some extensive research, I found that I was wrong, Joshua and Martha Presley were not Delie's parents. Her parents names were John Presley (still of the same Presley line Joshua was, so not a real difference) and Cynthia Herren, daughter of John Herren and Betsy Herren. Seems I have more Herren in me than I though!

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