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 James Henry Herron/herren - Ramona holbrook - Jun 4, 2012[Print]  
Hi. I am hoping maybe someone is connected with this line:  Johann F(rederick) Herren b 9/3/1804 Hanover, Stadt, germany d 3/14/1880 Scott, Sheboygan, Wisconsin married Anna Bruns (b 2/23/1808 Hanover Stadt Germany d 9/21/1881 Scott, Sheboygan, Wisconsin). Had at least 1 child James heny Herron b 1838 wisconsin d 1896 either Iowa or South Dakota. married 1) Louisa had 6 children Cline, Adam, Amanda J., Henry S., Elizabeth and Alise. ( I had not heard of this marriage until recently and it may be a brother not James). m 2) Anna Eliza Pigg b 1848 d 1919 South Dakota ( This was a shotgun marriage as Anna was pregnant. the Judge ordered the wedding on behalf of her father who was away at the time) Children William henry b 1867 Wisconsin, Joh b 1872 Wisconsin and Cordelia Frances b 1883 iowa d 1957 California m William joseph Byrn had 4 daughters: Eva, Agnes, Josephine and mary kathleen. Hoping to hear from you..Ramona

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