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 James and Hannah Harrell Herron-FLoyd Co KY - Larry Herrin - Dec 4, 2011[Print]  

Modified Register for James Herron


First Generation

1. James Herron was born in 1777/1785 in Washington County, Virginia. He died on 13 Mar 1878 in Floyd County, Kentucky.


1850 United States Federal Census

Name: James Herron

Age: 50

Birth Year: abt 1800

Birthplace: Virginia

Home in 1850: My District, Floyd, Kentucky

Gender: Male

Family Number: 35

Household Members: Name Age

James Herron 50

Hannah Herron 55

Susannah Reynolds 25

1860 United States Federal Census

Name: James Heron

Age in 1860: 60

Birth Year: abt 1800

Birthplace: Virginia

Home in 1860: Floyd, Kentucky

Gender: Male

Post Office: Prestonsburg

Value of real estate:

Household Members: Name Age

Aaron Brown 45

Sarah Brown 45

John Brown 18

Susanah Brown 14

Elizabeth Brown 12

James Heron 60

Hannah Heron 65

Susan Reynolds 40

William Heron 34

1870 United States Federal Census

Name: James Herron

Age in 1870: 85

Birth Year: abt 1785

Birthplace: Virginia

Home in 1870: Precinct 5, Floyd, Kentucky

James married Hannah Herrell daughter of Reuben Herrell and Rebecca Smith in Wythe County, Virginia. Hannah was born in 1776/1785 in Washington County, Virginia. She died on 10 Sep 1876 in Floyd County, Kentucky.

Race: White

Gender: Male

Post Office: Laynerville

Value of real estate: View image

Household Members: Name Age

James Herron 85

Hannah Herron 85

Susan Reynolds 54


Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953

Name: James Harlen (Harren)

Death Date: 13 Mar 1878

Death Location: Floyd

Residence Location: Floyd

Age: 100

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: White

Birth Date: abt 1778

Birth Location:

Father's Birth Location:

Mother's Birth Location:








VDOT PROJECT NO. 0077-098-104, P100, UPC: 51441

VDHR FILE # 2001-0626

In 1846 the Virginia General Assembly passed the act incorporating the South Western Turnpike Road.

The road was to be macadamized and stretch from Salem westward to the Tennessee line via

Christianburg, Wytheville, Marion, and Abingdon. The specifications were for the road to be graded to a

width of at least 24 feet, of which at least 22 feet were to be macadamized. The grade of the road was

not to exceed three percent at any point. By 1848 the road was constructed as far west as Wytheville

(Summers 1903).

The idea for the Turnpike originated at least a decade prior to the start of construction. James Herron

conducted a survey for the Turnpike during the early 1830s. As part of his survey, Herron prepared

sketches that are archived at the Library of Virginia. The sketches for the area east of Wytheville are

dated 1833. The corridor surveyed by Herron does not appear to be the same one that was ultimately

constructed, but some sections of Herron’s survey do include areas through which the historic

Southwestern Turnpike was constructed. Near the eastern end of the current study area, Herron noted

the location of the "Kiesling" house on his sketch. The location noted corresponds to the previously

recorded architectural resource, the Keesling Log House (VDHR# 098-5051; see Table 2). To the

northwest of the house on Herron’s sketch a "Grave Yard" is mapped (Herron 1833). This cemetery is

noted in the same approximate location as a cemetery shown on the current USGS topographic map of

the area and appears to be just north of the assessment APE for CBA 7.

Another sketch made by Herron shows an area of Reed Creek that eventually became a Turnpike

crossing. This crossing location is nearly identical to the current CBA 10 crossing of Reed Creek near Kent.

The Herron sketch shows that the area where CBA 10 crosses Reed Creek consisted of a cultivated field

on the east side (Herron 1833). On the west side a "Poor House" is shown. The Turnpike skirted just to

the south of the Poor House when it was eventually constructed (Herron 1833; Shaw 1849a).

Herron, James

1833 Board of Public Works of Virginia: Herron’s Surveys 1833, Book No. 5. Ms. on file, Library of Virginia,

Richmond. Board of Public Works, Entry 397 South Western Turnpike, Box 314.


Grants #34 pages 664-5 (Library of Virginia) dated 30 Sep 1796

Land Office Treasury Warrant #411

issued 21 Jan 1793 to James Herrin, land
described as follows...

"A certain tract or parcel of land

containing 50 acres by survey bearing
date 28 Jan 1792 and being in the County of Wythe on Walkers

Creek a branch
of New River, and is bounded as follows to wit: Beginning at a hickory and

corner to his patent land and runneth S 71 degrees E 30 poles to a
black oak and hickory, S 20 degrees

E 88 poles to a buckeye and hickory in a
hollow, S 54 degrees W 80 poles to between a walnut and linn

in a hollow, N
86 degrees W 70 poles to 2 chesnut trees on a flat spur, N 51 degrees W 68
poles to a

walnut in a draft, S 57 degrees W 92 poles to a hickory and
walnut in a sugar tree hollow, N 19 degrees

W 6 poles to a large Spanish oak
on a ridge, S 32 degrees E 44 poles to 2 sugar trees one of these

near the fork of a branch, thence crossing 2 branches, N 82 degrees E 42
poles to a white oak

and black oak, N 49 degrees E 72 poles to a chesnut
corner to his patent land and with the lines thereof

as followeth to the
beginning, viz S 39 degrees E 114 poles to a chesnut and lynn sapling on the

of a ridge, N 55 degrees E 80 poles to 2 black oaks by the corner of a
field, thence N 32 degrees W 95

poles to the beginning."



Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953

Name: Hannah Herran

Death Date: 10 Sep 1876

Death Location: Floyd

Birth Location: Washington Co, VA

Residence Location: Floyd

Age: 100

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: White

Birth Date: abt 1776

Father's Birth Location:

Mother's Birth Location:

James and Hannah had the following children:

2 M i. William Herron was born about 1823 in Virginia.


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